ADC-20 and ADC-24

Precision Data Loggers

Multichannel data loggers offering high resolution, high accuracy and programmable input ranges.

ADC-20 and ADC-24 PicoLog Cloud

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Building on the proven design of PicoLog 6, PicoLog Cloud is a free upgrade that introduces many great new features that expand the how your Pico data logger can be used. Both existing and new customers will benefit from the following new features:

  • Stream live captures directly to the new PicoLog Cloud
  • Secure and reliable
  • View live and saved captures from a remote computer running PicoLog Cloud, anywhere in the world
  • View live and saved captures on any device (smart phone, tablet, PC) using an internet browser
  • Share live and saved Cloud captures to anyone via browser URL
  • PicoLog Cloud is free to use
  • Works with all current USB PicoLog loggers, and PicoScope real-time oscilloscopes
  • Simple setup, no network setting changes needed
  • Continuous capture, with or without network connection
  • Stream live Cloud capture data to your application with an API
  • Source client supported in Windows, Linux, macOS and Raspberry Pi OS

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Stream live captures directly to the new PicoLog Cloud

In this free upgrade to PicoLog data logging software, your Pico data logger or oscilloscope not only captures to a local disk, but now it can stream the capture directly to a secure online Cloud store. Did we mention our new cloud service is completely free for all new and existing customers?

This new major feature stays true to our vision of creating a data logging application with a simple user interface, and is equally straightforward for use by technical or non-technical users. 

PicoLog Cloud is fundamentally the same application as before, but with enhancements to send the live capture data directly to your remote PicoLog Cloud space, and in addition view saved captures stored in the Cloud.

PicoLog 6 cloud web login page

Secure and reliable cloud captures

Security is at the top of the priority list with PicoLog Cloud, and we use the latest and greatest security techniques and processes to ensure your online data and credentials stay safe. To achieve this, PicoLog Cloud employs an Identity Management Platform to manage the login authentication process, keeping your identity anonymised and your data captures safely yours.

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View live and saved captures anywhere in the world

Plugged into your PC or laptop, USB instruments have been harnessing the power of your computer's screen, processor, hard disk, keyboard and mouse for over 3 decades. There are very few limitations with this setup, but some users just can't be in the same room, factory, city or even country with their data capturing equipment.

Now, PicoLog Cloud opens a window into your loggers and captures allowing other PCs with PicoLog installed to view and export your data, from anywhere in the world. But don't worry, that PC must be signed into your personal PicoLog Cloud account to view any of your captures, live or saved.

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Screenshot of PicoLog Cloud graph from a phone

Can I view captures on my smart phone or tablet?

PicoLog 6 has always been based on a framework that uses Chromium (Google's open-source browser) and Java meaning it is already "browser ready". 

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Continuous capture, with or without network connection

In the event your host PC loses network connection during a capture, PicoLog Cloud instantly switches to use the PC's own hard drive until the network connection is restored. Any missing data will be promptly synchronised back up to the Cloud.

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This screenshot shows the user menu for activating public link sharing in PicoLog Cloud

Share live and saved captures with a unique browser link

Under normal working conditions, only the user logged in to PicoLog 6 Cloud who created the capture can view the live or saved captures either on the source PC, or remotely. However, sharing the capture with anyone publically, couldn't be simpler!

More information on Share live and saved captures with a unique browser link >>

Shows a screenshot of a browser window showing the output data from PicoLog Cloud API

Stream live Cloud capture data to your application with an API

Transferring capture data from a data logger or oscilloscope software application to a 3rd party application while the capture is running has been one of the longest outstanding customer feature requests, and had been very difficult to implement up until this point. Now that PicoLog data resides on a server, we've developed a simple server-side API that can allows programmers to request the data in batches. 

This feature is particularly useful to users who want to add extra functionality such as emailing alarms or captures, plotting data in a different way (fill tanks, throttle needle, large numerical displays), adding logger data to existing databases and much more!

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