PicoVNA accessories

6 and 8.5 GHz Vector network analyzers

Premium 8.5 GHz flex-form test lead, female port, N(m) - PC3.5(f)

High-quality, robust flex-form cables with stainless steel connectors. These cables are flexible but tend to hold their form until intentionally moved to a new position. This enhances repeatability for bench measurements at fixed port locations or for test installations.

Flatness and phase variation are specified at up to 8.5 GHz when a straight cable is formed as one 360° turn around a 10 cm mandrel.

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TA339 specifications
Order code TA339
Performance Premium
Connectors N(m) - PC3.5(f)
Construction Flex-form
Gauge 270 μm
Dielectric Low-density PTFE
Ø over jacket 7.5 mm (0.30”)
Loss @ 6 GHz 0.6 dB @ 6 GHz
0.7 dB @ 8.5 GHz
Phase stability 0.8° @ 6 GHz
1.1° @ 8.5 GHz
Amplitude stability 0.05 dB
Length 600 mm