Thermocouple high-temp type K exposed tip, fiberglass insulated, 2 m

The Type K thermocouple is known as an all-rounder. The temperature measurement range is wide, cost is low and while accuracy is not as precise as a Type T, the accuracy of this Class 1 Type K is ±1.5 °C over the range –40 to +1000 °C.

The new high-temperature glass fiber insulation is suitable for running continuously at +750 °C and the 0.8 mm conductor is suitable for +1000 °C. It makes for a very robust and affordable exposed junction probe ideal for oven temperatures. When it’s fixed in position so that the insulation is not flexed, the probe is more than capable of even higher temperatures: that’s why we give the conductor rating at +1000 °C, which keeps it within the Class 1 tolerance. 

All Pico thermocouples are manufactured to strict industry tolderances stated in IEC 60584-2 :1993 / BS EN 60584-1:2013, as detailed in this thermocouple tolerances article.

Hi temp thermocouple with mini Thermocouple connector and exposed junction, shown with conductor neatly coiled in circle
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