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Passive oscilloscope probe: 350 MHz 2.5 mm high-impedance 10:1,  BNC

The TA150 is a high-impedance passive probe with 350 MHz bandwidth. It is designed for use with oscilloscopes with a 1 MΩ input impedance and has a fixed attenuation of 10:1. The TA150 has been compensated to ensure optimal performance with the PicoScope 6402 and 6403 oscilloscopes.

The compact design of this high-performance probe means there is only 2.5 mm housing diameter at the probe tip compared to the conventional 5 mm housing, making it easier to see the device under test and making it ideal for measurements of SMT components.

Each TA150 probe is supplied with the following accessories and spares:

  • 1 x Coding rings (set) 3x4 colors 
  • 1 x Ground blade
  • 1 x Ground lead 15 cm 
  • 1 x Ground spring 
  • 1 x Insulating cap 
  • 1 x Sprung hook 
  • 1 x Trim tool
350MHz oscilloscope probe
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Accessories for the Passive oscilloscope probe: 350 MHz 2.5 mm high-impedance 10:1,  BNC

Product Price Quantity
2.5 mm oscilloscope probe standard accessory kit
2.5 mm oscilloscope probe basic accessory kit
2.5 mm oscilloscope probe advanced accessory kit
2.5 mm oscilloscope probe spring contact tips, pack of 5
2.5 mm oscilloscope probe solid contact tips, pack of 5
TA150 probe characteristics
Attenuation 10:1
Resistance at probe tip 10 MΩ
Capacitance at probe tip 9.5 pF
Scope input impedance 1 MΩ
Compatibility PicoScope 6402A/B/C/D, 6403A/B/C/D
Bandwidth (3 dB) DC to 350 MHz
Maximum working voltage 300 V RMS CAT II
Risetime (10% to 90%) 1 ns
Compensation range 10 to 25 pF
Safety standard IEC/EN 61010-031
Cable length 1.3 m (approx. 4 ft 3 in)