Since 1991 we have been supplying the world with test and measurement equipment. At Pico we realize that your choice of test accessories can be almost as important as your choice of test equipment. Here you can purchase a variety of test and measurement accessories quickly and securely online.

8-channel probe holder kit for PicoScope 6000E Series

The PQ219 probe holder and PCB holder kit is ideal for making hands-free measurements, for PCB inspection, or even as a soldering station! The kit is a valuable accessory for your 8-channel PicoScope 6824E or 6804E oscilloscope, ideal if you already have the scope and the four P2056 probes supplied. Included in the kit:

  • An A4-sized (about 11" x 9") steel base plate
  • 4 x PCB holders
  • 8 x probe holders 
  • 8 x pairs of colored elastic cable ties
  • 4 x P2056 probes (to add to the four probes already included in the 8-channel PicoScope 6000E product pack)

The base plate provides a secure footing for your probe positioning system. It's mirror-finished, allowing you to see the underside of the PCB to view any status LEDs during test.

Your PCB is fixed into place with four powerful magnetic posts employing spring-loaded clamps to grip the PCB under test. The clamps use a pair of replaceable insulating washers to avoid shorting tracks on the PCB.

With strong magnets at their base, the eight gooseneck probe holders offer a flexible way to position the probe tip while holding it firmly poised in place. Their unique design employs a precisely weighted probe holder that pushes the sprung probe tip just enough to make a good contact on your PCB or unit under test. The kit includes 8 pairs of silicone cable ties in the PicoScope channel colors. These stretchy rubber ties allow the probe cable to be secured to the probe holder gooseneck, adding stability and also a neat way of identifying which probes are connected to which channels (especially useful with an eight-channel oscilloscope!)

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