PicoConnect 922 6 GHz ÷20 DC coupled probe

A family of high-performance low-impedance passive probes tailored to the low-invasive probing of high-speed digital transmission lines and ports out to 18 Gb/s (9 GHz). Fully interchangeable SMA(f) probe heads address division ratios of ÷5, 10 and 20 in DC and AC coupled designs. The unusual inclusion of ÷5 is important to the ever-reducing amplitude of gigabit data streams, and AC coupling is important when DC bias conditions must not be disturbed, as with HDMI, ECL, PECL and LVDS.

The probes are ratio-compensated for their typical application, the probing of transmission lines in the range 40 to 60 Ω (80 to 120 Ω differential). Market-leading pulse fidelity and very low probe-tip capacitance ensure faithful capture of data, eye diagrams and stream spectra, typically without disturbing system function. PicoConnect probes are supplied with sprung-tip test pins for fingertip browsing of circuitry, backplanes, interconnect or systems; or solder-in kit for more permanent or multiple stream probing. All housed with a 600 mm light-gauge high-flex coax cable (TA263 -SMA(m-m) unsleeved) in a convenient storage and carry case.

Passive probes are inherently linear, low-noise and static-hardened. They do not demonstrate significant overload recovery error or latency and the robust in-PCB coplanar buried line design achieves high-integrity performance in the hand or in noisy environments.

In stock. Available for despatch.
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