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USB Type-C to Standard-A (f) adaptor, 0.14 m

USB Type-C is a new cable and connector standard that allows smaller USB devices and faster data transfers. It also simplifies the connection process with just the one type of reversible connector on both ends of a reversible cable.

The TA285 is a high-quality USB Type-C SuperSpeed to USB Standard-A (f) adaptor for use with any USB-connected PicoScope oscilloscope, or PicoLog data logger, and a Type-C port on a laptop or PC. Overall length of the adaptor is 139 mm.

Please note: This adaptor must be used in conjunction with the Pico blue USB cable supplied with your PicoScope.

For more information about the TA285 and the USB Type-C standard, read our article "Will my Pico oscilloscope or data logger work with a USB Type-C port?"

USB Type-C adaptor for USB oscilloscopes
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