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1.5 GHz low-impedance passive oscilloscope probe 10:1 with SMA

The TA061 is a low-impedance, low-capacitance probe designed for use with oscilloscopes that have 50 Ω input impedance and SMA input connectors.


  • Narrow 2.5 mm diameter at the probe tip
  • New IC contact system for 0.5 to 1.27 mm pitch
  • Interchangeable spring contact tip
  • Ideal for measurements of SMT components
  • Coaxial design
  • Low input capacitance
TA061 1.5 GHz low impedance passive oscilloscope probe 10:1 with SMA
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Accessories for the 1.5 GHz low-impedance passive oscilloscope probe 10:1 with SMA

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2.5 mm oscilloscope probe standard accessory kit
2.5 mm oscilloscope probe basic accessory kit
2.5 mm oscilloscope probe advanced accessory kit
2.5 mm oscilloscope probe spring contact tips, pack of 5
2.5 mm oscilloscope probe solid contact tips, pack of 5
TA061 probe characteristics
Model TA061
Connector type SMA
Attenuation 10:1
Input resistance 500 Ω
Input capacitance 2 pF
Input coupling of the measuring instrument 50 Ω
System bandwidth (–3 dB) 1.5 GHz
Risetime (10% – 90%) 240 ps
Rated voltage 12 V DC  inc. AC pk
Cable length 1.3 m  (approx. 4 ft  3 in)
Weight (probe only) 48 g  (approx. 1.7 oz)
Operating temperature 0 to +50 °C
Storage temperature –40 to +71 °C