200/2000 A AC/DC current probe, D9 connector

The TA301 is a high-bandwidth, high-current probe fitted with a D9 connector specifically designed to work with the PicoScope 4444 differential oscilloscope. The probe is automatically sensed by the PicoScope 4444 oscilloscope and features two current ranges: 200 A and 2000 A, AC or DC. The range is selected in the PicoScope 6 software, which also sets the probe range and vertical axis scaling.

A current clamp is shown with cable coiled up, showing D9 connector on a white background
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TA301 Specifications
Electrical data (all accuracies are stated at 23 °C ± 1 °C)
Nominal current  2000 A AC peak or DC
Measuring ranges 200 A, 2000 A 
Overload capacity 2200 A (60 s)
Output sensitivity 10 mV/A, 1 mV/A
Accuracy (0 to 200/1500 A) ±1% of reading ± 100 mA, ± 500 mA 
Accuracy (1500 to 1800 A) ±3% of reading
Accuracy (1800 to 2000 A) ±6% of reading
Resolution ±50 mA, ±400 mA
Gain variation ± 0.1% of reading/°C
Frequency range DC to 20 kHz (–1 dB), IRMS  x  f ≤ 400,000
Power supply 5 V nominal through PicoScope 4444
Load impedance (minimum) > 100 kΩ and ≤ 100 pF
General data
Conductor size 32 mm diameter
Output cable and connectors 2 m long screened cable terminated with D9 plug
Operating temperature 0 °C to +50 °C
Storage temperature –20 °C to +85 °C
Safety and environment
Safety compliance EN 61010-1
EN 61010-2-032
Overvoltage category 150 V CAT II
Pollution degree 2
EMC compliance EN 61326-2-2
Environmental compliance RoHS and WEEE
General environment for safe use Indoor use only
Max. altitude for safe use 2000 m
Temperature range for safe use 0 °C to 50 °C
Max. humidity for safe use 80% RH for temperatures up to 31 °C, decreasing linearly to 40% RH at 50 °C
Max. voltage on uninsulated conductors 150 V AC RMS or DC
Max. frequency on uninsulated conductors 1 kHz