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30 A AC/DC precision current probe, BNC connector

The TA189 30 A high-precision current probe is for applications requiring non-intrusive current measurement, using closed-loop Hall effect technology to measure both AC and DC current with high stability over long periods of time. Ideal for current leakage monitoring, battery discharge testing, or used in conjunction with an active differential voltage probe such as TA041, it can be used for power quality analysis.

TA189 30 A AC/DC Precision current probe, BNC connector
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TA189 30 A Current Clamp User’s Guide English 3 133 KB Mar 28 2017 English open
TA189 30 A precision current probe electrical specifications
(All accuracies stated at 23°C ± 1°C)
Nominal current 30 A AC peak or DC
Measuring range 30 A
Overload capacity 500 A (60 s)
Output sensitivity 100 mV/A
Accuracy ±1% of reading ± 2 mA
Resolution ±1 mA
Gain variation ±0.01% of reading/°C
Frequency range DC to 100 kHz (0.5 dB)
Safety category CAT III 300 V
Power supply 9 V alkaline battery PP3, MN1604 or IEC 6LR61
Load impedance (minimum) > 100 k and 100 pF
General data
Conductor size 25 mm diameter
Output cable and connectors  2 m long coax cable with safety BNC connector
Operating temperature 0°C to +50°C
Storage temperature with battery removed –20°C to +85°C