PicoVNA E-Cal 8.5 GHz Automated calibration kit (SMA female)

Minimized as far as possible, the manual calibration process involves several torqued connect/disconnect operations and a manual loading of unique data files for each standard. The E-Cal SOLT calibration process reduces this to just one connection by internally switching its calibration standards. The process becomes automatic and highly repeatable, with power, control and data read all managed by the PicoVNA software over a USB interface.

Fast, convenient and less error-prone, an E-Cal standard is to an extent compromised by switch errors, resulting in non-ideal short, open, load and through. Mitigating this, the PicoVNA E-Cal standards include fast-rise oven control of device temperatures, and full-span multipath S-parameters traceably characterize these now stable and minor imperfections. It is also true that the convenience, deskilling and speed of automated calibration tend to promote more regular calibration, and thus more accurate, repeatable and reliable measurement – so much so that some process managers insist upon an automated E-Cal.

All PicoVNA calibration and check standards (below) are calibrated against fully traceable PC3.5 standards and are supplied in a protective carry case.

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PicoVNA E-Cal EU Declaration of Conformity English 1 444 KB Jun 28 2022 english open
PicoVNA E-Cal UK Declaration of Conformity English 1 440 KB Feb 15 2022 english open
Order Code Name Type Ports Standards Impedance Connector Characterization
TA519 SOLT-AUTO-F Ovened USB-controlled automated E-Cal SOLT 2 Short, open, load, through and separate characterized/polarized port adaptor 50 Ω SMA(f) Full S-parameter 300 kHz to 8.5 GHz. Embedded and read from USB device.
Parameter Value Conditions
Port interface and impedance 2x 50 Ω SMA(f) ports  
Port input limits +10 dBm operating, +20 dBm/1 V pk protection  
Bandwidth 300 kHz to 8.5 GHz  
Directivity 40 dB  
Source match 40 dB  
Load match 36 dB  
Reflection tracking 0.05 dB  
Transmission tracking 0.04 dB  
Transfer calibration method SOLT comparison Characterization data records to internal memory
Control and power USB 2.0 (micro)  
Dimensions 65 mm L x 43 mm W x 15 mm H Including connectors
Weight 60 g  
Temperature (operating) 5 °C to 40 °C  
Temperature (oven control range) +18 °C to 28 °C To meet quoted accuracy
Oven warming time 45 s typical at 23 °C  
Humidity (operating) 5% to 80% RH non-condensing  
Temperature (storage) –20 °C to 50 °C  
Humidity (storage) 5% to 80% RH non-condensing