TA488 AD2201 200 MHz active differential probe, BNC

The AD2201 is a 200 MHz bandwidth active differential probe suitable for high-speed measurement applications, with a differential measurement range of ±20 V and a common-mode range of up to ±60 V (DC + peak AC). 

This differential probe extends the functionality of standard single-ended input oscilloscopes to allow a safe and accurate method of making differential voltage measurements. Applications include making safe measurements in power circuit applications and acquisition of high-speed balanced differential signals found in serial communications buses such as BroadR-Reach (see application note).

Recently redesigned, the AD2201 replaces the TA045 with the same performance specifications, but with improved powering options. This probe now includes an in-line battery module, with a 5 V USB power lead integrated for use with standard off-the-shelf USB chargers.

The kit includes the following items:

  • AD2201 probe
  • Test hooks, pair, red and black
  • Crocodile clips, pair, red and black
  • 9 V battery
  • USB power cable (mains adaptor not included)
Top view of the AD2201 probe with its accessories laid out
Available for back order. More stock coming soon.
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Accessories for the TA488 AD2201 200 MHz active differential probe, BNC

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USB Power lead for differential probe range
AD2201 differential oscilloscope probe specifications
Bandwidth DC to 200 MHz (–3 dB)
Attenuation ratio 10:1
Accuracy ±1%
Rise time 1.75 ns
Input impedance 500 kΩ ∥ 7 pF each side to ground
Input voltage 
Differential range ±20 V
Common mode range ±60 V
Absolute max. voltage
(either input to ground) 
±60 V
Swing (into 50 kΩ load) ±2 V
Offset (typical)  < ±2 mV
Noise (typical) 0.3 mV RMS
Source Impedance (typical)  50 Ω
CMRR (typical)  80 dB at 100 Hz; 50 dB at 10 MHz
Ambient operating temperature –10 to +40 °C
Ambient storage temperature –30 to +70 °C
Power requirements
USB power lead (TA531) 5 V DC 300 mA
Battery  9 V (PP3, 6LR61) 
Length of input leads 50 cm
Length of BNC lead 125 cm
Weight 300 g
Dimension (LxWxH) 111 mm x 22 mm x 14 mm
Compliance Designed and tested in accordance with the European standard publication EN 61010-031:2015 (Safety requirements for hand-held probe assemblies for electrical measurement and test)