18 Gb/s Passive Low Capacitance Oscilloscope Probes for Gigabit Testing

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6 GHz ÷5 AC coupled probe. 515 Ω // < 0.4 pF, 50 V dc + 7 V ac rms max


Experience the cutting-edge performance of PicoConnect 920 Series probes, offering speeds of up to 18 Gb/s with 9 GHz bandwidth. These passive probes are designed for high-speed digital testing across a wide range of applications, from telecommunications to data centers. With affordability and reliability built-in, the PicoConnect 920 Series is your go-to solution for accurate signal capture in demanding testing environments.

  • Interchangeable probe heads at division ratios of 5:1, 10:1 and 20:1, AC or DC-coupled
  • Ideal for high-speed logic voltage applications
  • Up to 9 GHz bandwidth, up to 18 Gb/s maximum useable data rate.
  • Extremely low loading capacitance of < 0.3 pF typ., 0.4 pF upper test limit
  • Less than 40 ps transition time
  • Accurate probing of high speed transmission lines for Z0 = 0 Ω to 100 Ω
  • Passive design gives high dynamic range, low noise, linearity and long-term flatness
  • Tolerant of very high input slew rate, hardened to EM discharge and no saturation and recovery characteristic. Can address high-amplitude pulse and burst applications


The PicoConnect 920 Series passive probes are suitable for use with any measurement instrument with 50 Ω input impedance, including: 

  • Oscilloscopes 
  • Sampling oscilloscopes 
  • Receivers 
  • Spectrum and modulation analyzers 
  • Power meters 
  • Millivoltmeters 
  • Network analyzers

Unique Design and Construction

At the heart of the PicoConnect 920 Series gigabit digital probes lies an innovative in-PCB construction. This advanced design ensures not only low capacitance but also coplanar microwave integrity, enabling precise and reliable digital measurements. 

With a focus on precision and flexibility, these 920 series probes feature miniature interchangeable probe heads, covering a range of division ratios, bandwidths, and coupling types. This versatility ensures seamless adaptation to various gigabit digital testing scenarios, setting new standards in digital probing technology.

High Speed Performance

With the ever-increasing demand for high-speed digital testing, the PicoConnect 920 Series rises to the challenge. Offering capabilities of up to 18 Gb/s, these probes excel in capturing and analyzing high-speed digital signals with precision and accuracy. 

The transition times of less than 40 ps ensure that even the fastest signals are captured with utmost fidelity, making the PicoConnect 920 Series the ultimate choice for demanding gigabit digital testing applications.

Low Invasive Passive Oscilloscope Probing

The PicoConnect 920 Series passive probes offer non-invasive or low-invasive measurement capabilities, minimizing signal disturbance while maintaining signal integrity. This innovative design eliminates the need for bulky and invasive probing solutions, offering a more practical and cost-effective option for gigabit digital engineers.

AC or DC Coupled Oscilloscope Probe Head

Pico also brings the flexibility of AC or DC coupling, again through selection of
interchangeable probe heads. Low-impedance probes load the probed signal, slightly
reducing the amplitude, and if the signal has a DC bias they will source or sink current to
or from the signal source, potentially changing the device operating bias. 

The AC-coupled probe avoids the DC bias problem. Low-frequency 3 dB cut-off is less than 160 kHz
and droop of pulse top or base is < 0.1%/ns on all AC-coupled models. Applications for
AC-coupled probing include DC-biased data streams such as HDMI, USB, SATA, ECL and
PECL; and the probing of small signals on supply and control lines, as when looking for current noise or decoupling problems.

Interchangeable Division Ratio of 5:1, 10:1 & 20:1

Flexibility is paramount in gigabit digital testing, and the PicoConnect 920 Series delivers just that with its interchangeable probe heads. Offering division ratios of 5:1, 10:1, and 20:1, these probes cater to a wide range of digital signal amplitudes and requirements.

Whether probing low-voltage logic or high-speed data streams, engineers can select the ideal probe ratio for accurate and efficient measurements. This versatility ensures that the PicoConnect 920 Series adapts seamlessly to various gigabit digital testing scenarios, enhancing productivity and effectiveness in digital analysis.

Price Breakthrough

Despite their advanced technology and superior performance, the PicoConnect 920 Series RF probes offer an unprecedented price breakthrough. Traditionally, RF probes with similar capabilities have been prohibitively expensive, placing them out of reach for many engineers and researchers.

However, with the PicoConnect 920 Series, affordability meets quality where these probes provide exceptional value for RF testing applications. Whether purchased individually or as part of a kit, the PicoConnect 920 Series offers a cost-effective solution without compromising on performance.

Advanced Features

Beyond its high-speed performance and affordability, the PicoConnect 920 Series boasts a range of advanced features tailored for gigabit digital testing

High Crest-Factor Pulse Capability

Suitable for analyzing high-amplitude pulse signals commonly found in gigabit digital applications.

Wide Compatibility

Compatible with a variety of high-speed cabled, chip-to-chip, and backplane interfaces, including Ethernet, USB3, HDMI, SATA, PCI, and LVD.

Slim, Fingertip Design

Ensures accurate and steady probing, even at fine scales, enhancing precision and usability in digital testing environments.

6 Passive Probes for the Price of 4

The best compromise of impedance, division ratio and coupling is available with our 6 probe kit, including

  • Six PicoConnect 920 Series probe heads
  • Two precision 60 cm 085 low-loss cables 
  • Quick Start Guide 
  • Set of replacement gold-plated probe and ground tips 
  • Two coils of solder-in gold-plated wire 
  • Storage and carry case


Model 921 922 923 924 925 926
Nominal division ratio 20:1 10:1 5:1
Bandwidth (–3 dB) > 6 GHz > 7 GHz > 9 GHz
Max. usable data rate (fundamental) 12 Gb/s 14 Gb/s 18 Gb/s
Max. usable data rate (3rd harmonic) 4 Gb/s 4.6 Gb/s 6 Gb/s
Max. usable data rate (5th harmonic) 2.4 Gb/s 2.8 Gb/s 3.6 Gb/s
Transition time < 58.3 ps < 50 ps < 38.8 ps
Probe tip impedance (nominal) 515 Ω 250 Ω 220 Ω
Probe tip capacitance (typical) 0.3 pF
Probe tip capacitance (maximum) 0.4 pF
Accuracy for line Z0 = 40 Ω to 60 Ω[1] < ±0.20 dB (±2.4%) < ±0.27 dB (±3.1%) < ±0.25 dB (±2.9%)
Accuracy for line Z0 = 0 Ω to 100 Ω[2] < ±0.48 dB (±5.6%) < ±0.86 dB (±10.4%) < ±0.90 dB (±10.9%)
Nominal error for line Z0 = 75 Ω[3] < –0.19 dB (–2.2%) < –0.40 dB (–4.5%) < –0.48 dB (–5.3%)
Continuous voltage[4] 7 V AC RMS 7 V RMS 5 V AC RMS 5 V RMS 5 V AC RMS 5 V RMS
DC blocking voltage (max.) 50 V DC - 50 V DC - 50 V DC -
Peak voltage[5,6] < 25 V
Mark:space at peak voltage < 1:20 (5%) < 1:30 (3.3%) < 1:30 (3.3%)
Coupling[4] AC DC AC DC AC DC
Low-frequency cut-off (–3 dB) 70 kHz - 140 kHz - 160 kHz -
Pulse /eye droop > 20 ns / % - > 10 ns / % - > 10 ns / % -
Flatness (±0.5 dB) 210 kHz to 2 GHz DC to 2 GHz 420 kHz to 2 GHz DC to 2 GHz 480 kHz to 2 GHz DC to 2 GHz
Output impedance[6]
(for test node impedance 50 Ω)
54 Ω matched 48 Ω matched 187 Ω unmatched
Additive voltage noise @ 23 °C 0.9 nV/√Hz 0.9 nV/√Hz 1.6 nV/√Hz
Operating temperature range 0 to 50°C
Storage temperature range –20 to 70°C
Temperature range for stated specifications 15 to 40°C
Operating humidity range 5% to 80% RH non-condensing
Storage humidity range 5% to 95% RH non-condensing
Altitude range up to 2000 m
Pollution degree 2
Safety approvals EN61010-031:2002+A1 2008 safety requirements for hand-held probe assemblies for electrical measurement and test
EMC approvals Not applicable
Environmental approvals 2012/19/EU - Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment 2011/65/EU - Restriction of use of certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment
Output connector (probe head) SMA(f
Supplied cable 60 cm SMA(m-m) precision unsleeved high-flex 085 microwave coaxial cable (unsleeved and 30 cm options also available)
Supplied accessories Pack of replacement probe tips; two coils of solder-in gold-plated wire; SMA-to-BNC adaptor (with RF, microwave and pulse models only)
Dimensions (probe head) 68 x 19 x 11 mm
Nominal probe tip pitch 5 mm
Weight 5 g


Product Price Quantity
Gold-plated probe tips and solder-in wire kit for PicoConnect probes
1.5 GHz low-impedance passive oscilloscope probe 10:1 with BNC
1.5 GHz low-impedance passive oscilloscope probe 10:1 with SMA
Precision sleeved coaxial cable (60 cm)
Precision sleeved coaxial cable (30 cm)
High-flex unsleeved coaxial cable (60 cm)
Precision high-flex unsleeved coaxial cable (30 cm)
Adaptor 3 GHz SMA(f)-BNC(m)
Adaptor 18 GHz SMA(f)-N(m)

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