Running PicoScope 5 under Windows XP as a restricted user

PicoScope 5 can now work under restricted privileges (not administrator) with Windows  XP.

To do this, PicoScope no longer writes its settings to the Program Files directory, and instead, writes psw.ini to:

C:Documents and Settings{USERNAME}Local SettingsApplication DataPico TechnologyEC98116-5A50-4150-8361-12E712986E02psw.ini

The GUID (the long number in the path) is unique to each build of PicoScope and, the above example is specific to the standard PicoScope, with different GUIDs for automotive, demo, etc.

If there already exists a psw.ini file in the Program Files directory and, it is writable, PicoScope will favour this. Any setting in the win.ini file will now be ignored.

You may still specify an ini file on the command line.

Article: KB-233
07 Feb 2011