PicoScope 5 general hints and tips

Here are some “cool features” within PicoScope software that you may not be aware of:

+Bar graph option in meter view. As well as the normal numeric view, there is also an option to turn on a bar graph view. To enable this, just select Settings | Parameters and click on the bar graph tick box. An example can be found at:http://www.picotech.com/auto/current_clamp.html

+Trace thickness. If you wish to view scope or spectrum traces from a distance, or if you have a large number of people viewing the screen, you may find it helpful to use a thicker line to display the trace. This can be done by selecting File | Setup | Colours, which gives you the option of thin, medium and thick trace lines. You can also change the colours of the traces and backgrounds using this menu option.

Article: KB-179
12 Oct 2007