Exporting data to spreadsheets (legacy method)

Data can be exported to a spreadsheet using EnviroMon for Windows or PicoLog by copying a pasting from their spreadsheet views. Data can be exported from PicoScope by choosing Edit | CopyAsText and pasting into the spreadsheet.

Alternatively, a Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) can be used. This is a convenient method of transferring the current set of readings to other applications. Data is updated continuously, about once per second. To read the current values from PicoLog, PicoScope or EnviroMon for Windows, respectively, into Excel, type the following command into a spreadsheet cell:


Or for Quattro Pro, type in the following command into a cell:


For more information of DDE see the ‘Dynamic Data Exchange’ section of the ‘Technical Information’ Chapter in the PicoLog, PicoScope or EnviroMon helpfiles.

Also see KB-229

Article: KB-148
02 Jul 2008