What are the allowable input voltage ranges for the Pico products with external PSUs?

Please note: all the products mentioned on this page are discontinued.

ADC-200/20, /50 and /100:   10V to 30V DC

ADC-213/3, /50 and /100: 10V to 30V DC

PS320x : 10V to 30V DC

ADC-216 12V DC +/- 10%

The power supply is centre pin positive and either a regulated or unregulated PSU can be used provided that the on-load and off-load voltages both fall within the limits above. The PSU should not be referenced to ground  ( i.e. the output should be isolated from ground) to avoid possible ground-loop measurement errors.

Users are responsible for ensuring the safety and suitability of any alternative power supply they use and Pico cannnot guarantee that performance (including noise, accuracy and EMC compliance) will not be affected by using a PSU other than that supplied with the instrument. 

Article: KB-139
06 Aug 2012