1.  PicoScope 6.6.18

PicoScope 6.6.18 is the latest release candidate of our oscilloscope software. This release has the following new features:

  • LIN bus decoding. LIN is a low–speed single–wire bus used in automotive electronics. LIN bus decoding is still in beta testing.
  • PicoScope 2205 MSO. Serial decoding now possible on all 16+2 channels of the PicoScope mixed–signal oscilloscope. You can decode multiple signals with the same protocol or a mixture of protocols.

PicoScope 6.6.18 is compatible with all PicoScope USB oscilloscopes.

Download a free copy now

2.  Best of the Web: PicoScope 2104 and 2204


“Very satisfied with my PicoScope”

A hobbyist has recently blogged about his experience with the PicoScope 2204 entry–level oscilloscope. He explains why he chose this model, describes how easy it was to set up, and presents a few of the advanced features such as color persistence display mode, math channels and the SDK for custom programming.

Read “PicoScope 2204 USB Oscilloscope Review” on codeandlife.com and a follow–up discussion on avrfreaks.com.

“Perfect for DIYers”

Another hobbyist writing on the Kesh’s Junk Yard blog has published his first impressions of the PicoScope 2104 handheld oscilloscope. Find out what you get in the package, and how easy it is to install and run.

Read “PicoScope 2104: diyer’s perfect solution”

3.  Coders’ Corner


Coders’ Corner, part of the Pico Apps website, is the place for anyone interested in developing applications for our test and measurement products. It is also the best way to obtain the SDK for your product. Before you download the drivers and example code, you can browse the database of supported devices and programming languages.

Explore the two branches of Pico Apps:

  • Pico Marketplace — to find apps and designs that use Pico products
  • Coders’ Corner — to download apps, code and drivers, and discuss programming on the forum

4.  PicoScope Training Videos 8: Audio Analysis


Test and measurement expert Pete Darby has created a new set of videos showing how to use the PicoScope 4262 16–bit oscilloscope for audio analysis. Learn how to get the most out of this high–resolution instrument and the PicoScope software.

Please explore picoscope.tv to find more training videos. You can also help us improve our content by leaving your comments below each video.

5.  Tech Tips

Averaging of buffered pulses

Q. I am using a PicoScope to capture a number of pulses, with one pulse in each capture. I know I can use Persistence Display mode to see a combined view of all the pulses, but is there a more accurate way to see an averaged version of the pulses?

A. Yes, this can easily be done with the averaging function built into the Math Channels feature in PicoScope R6.6. Go to Tools > Math Channels and create a new channel that is the average of your input channel: if your signal is on channel A then click the ‘Advanced’ and ‘x-bar’ buttons and then the ‘A’ button. Now capture your pulses in Auto, Single or Rapid trigger mode so that each waveform is stored separately in the buffer. The new Math Channel on the screen will automatically show the average of all the pulses. Combining this technique with Rapid trigger mode, you can average a number of closely–spaced pulses at nearly 1 million events per second.

PicoScope 4227 AWG short–circuit proof?

Q. Is the AWG port short–circuit proof, or will a short–circuit at that port do some harm to the hardware?

A. The signal generator and AWG outputs on all PicoScopes are short–circuit proof. The output impedance of the PicoScope 4227 AWG is 600 ohms.

6.  Events

For the latest information about upcoming exhibitions, please see our “Test and Measurement Events” page.

7.  Careers at Pico Technology

Come and join our award–winning development team! Due to our continuing growth, we have the following vacancies:

  • C++ / C# Software Engineer
  • Development Engineers — Digital Electronics
  • Software Test Engineer

Find details of these positions, and an online application form, at pico.jobs. You can also send enquiries by email to jobs@picotech.com.

If you want to be part of a growing company at the leading edge of test equipment design, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

8.  Software Releases

Our latest software releases are available as free downloads. To check which release you are using, start the software (PicoScope, PicoLog or EnviroMon) and select Help > About.

Current releases
PicoScope, PicoScope Education 6.6.16 New
PicoScope 9000 2.4.6  
PicoLog 5.22.4 New
EnviroMon 5.21.5  
Release candidates (RC)
PicoScope 6.6.18 New: see above

See Software Releases — New Features for a fulllist of changes and additions to the software.

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