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This product has now been discontinued.
Listed here are the final specifications for the USB ADC-11/10 and ADC-11/12.

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ADC-11/10 ADC-11/12
Number of channels 11
Digital outputs
(3.3 V)
2 2
Sampling rate # 20 kS/s 20 kS/s
Input type Unipolar - single ended
Voltage ranges 0 to 2.5 V
Input connector D25 Female
AC/DC coupling DC coupled
Overload protection ±30 V
Accuracy 1 % 0.5 %
Input impedance >1 MΩ
Resolution 10 bits 12 bits
Environmental 20-30 °C for quoted accuracy, 0 to 70 °C overall. 20-90 %RH
PC connection USB 1.1
Power supply Powered directly from the PC
Supplied software PicoScope 5 (oscilloscope, spectrum analyser, meter)
PicoLog (data logger)
Software Development Kit
Software is supplied on CD and is compatible with 32–bit editions of Windows XP (SP2) and Vista.
Language support (software) PicoLog: Full support for: English, Français, Deutsch
Menus and dialogs only for: Italiano, Español, Svenska
PicoScope 5: English, French, German, Spanish and Czech
Language support (documentation) User’s guide: English
Installation guide: English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Nederlandse, Dansk

# Sampling rates are divisible by the number of channels in use.